3 Best Insurance Policies in Singapore for 2018 (Sorted by categories)

An updated list of the best insurance plans and policies across insurance companies


We said it before, insurance plans and policies are not created equal. Why pay a higher premium for features or benefits you may not need? Even worse, having insufficient coverage or not meeting your financial goals and objective due to unnecessary commitment.

We got you covered for getting the best insurance plans and policies in Singapore.

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Best within category

We sort out and list some of the insurance plans and policies across insurance companies. Access the comparison within the category or individual products via the links below:

Whole Life Insurance policies

Whole life insurance policies enable you to get insurance coverage with a coverage multiplier booster while accumulating a lump sum cash value consisting of a guaranteed and non-guaranteed nature.

Insurance coverages and guaranteed cash value if you surrender the policy at later life stages, what more can you ask for?

We know you are comparing between Term or Whole Life plans as well, so we already did an analysis on that.

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Saving plans and endowment policies

Get higher returns on your savings while fulfilling your future financial goals and objective. Withdrawal features may also be available to help out during a period of uncertainty. Make your funds work harder for you in saving plans or endowment policies tailored to your preferences.

Never underestimate the power of compounded returns on your saving!

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Investment Linked policies

Better start early if you are looking for insurance coverage and long-term wealth accumulation. Investment-linked policies are best for the risk takers that expect no cap on potential returns.

Investment Linked Policies are the most suitable options for young people that have started financial planning. You want that insurance coverage and investment features at the same time!

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Retirement plans and annuity policies

When all you seek is assurance and a stable income upon retirement, look no further for a consistent and guaranteed high payout from the retirement plans and policies listed here.

Retirement Plans provides the most financial benefits when you plan early. And by early, we mean now!

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Integrated Shield Plan and rider

Upgrading your MediShield LIFE to enhance your hospitalisation and medical treatment coverage should be a top priority. This should be the first on the list of your things to do today.

Don’t settle for anything lesser than full coverage of your Deductibles and Co-insurance!

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Accessed the updated FAQs on Integrated Shield Plan and Integrated Shield Plan riders.

Critical illness plans and policies

We are upgrading the list to better serve you!

Don’t take our words on any of the insurance plans and policies stated above, request for your individual quotes based on your financial goals and objectives.

What should you look out for when taking up a new insurance plan or policy?

We can’t stress enough that financial returns and policies benefits differ among insurance companies.

Depending on your health and insurance needs, financial goals and objectives, here are 3 things you should consider before taking up a new financial product.

For the detailed full list of how InterestGuru.sg compare insurance plans and policies across insurance companies in Singapore:

We are not expecting you to fully understand how insurance plans and policies works but here are some guides on insurance terms and jargons for those interested:

Not sure where to start or place your priorities?

Read to read about where to start with financial planning or why a financial budget should not stop you getting essential coverage and financial planning. Financial planning is not that hard when you have an idea what is important to you.

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