Why Whole Life Insurance

Get WHOLE LIFE protection against Death, Disability and Critical Illnesses. What if nothing happens and you live a healthy life till old age? Get your money back and more!

Whole Life Insurance

How whole life insurance can benefit you?

Piiggy Bank

Part Savings

Whole life insurance plans build cash value over time. This means that you can eventually surrender the policy for a lump-sum cash benefit!


Part Protection

Whole life insurance plans covers you against Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Terminal Illness with add-ons available to cover you against Critical Illnesses of all stages.

Limited Premium Term

Limited Premium Payment Term

You get whole of life coverage by paying premiums only for a fixed period of time (5 to 25 years or so)

What You Can Get With a Whole Life Plan

Below is an example of a policy illustration for a 25 year old Male

What You Pay (Male age 25)

Total: $69,925.00

Annual Premium: $2,797.00

  • Pay premiums for 25 years only
  • If nothing happens, you can surrender the policy to get:
    • Age 60: $74,349.00*
    • Age 65: $97,104.00*
    • Age 70: $118,009.00*
    • Age 75: $145,544.00*
    • Age 80: $173,731.00*

*Figure consists of guaranteed and non-guaranteed investment returns illustrated at 4.25%

    What You Get


    (Surrender age 65)

    • Death coverage: $300,000
    • Early & Intermediate Critical Illnesses coverage: $150,000
    • Advanced-stage Critical Illnesses coverage: $150,000
    • Retrenchment Benefit: Waives premium payment for a year and more!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Here are some frequently asked questions about whole life insurance plans

      Just starting my career. Is whole life insurance a good fit for young adults?

      Yes! Starting young with a whole life plan allows you to lock in lower premiums and build cash value early for future needs.

      How much would a whole life insurance plan cost me?

      Premiums depend on several factors such as age, health, and the desired coverage amount. Get a free, personalized quote within a day! Just answer a few questions about yourself and one of our Partnered Financial Advisor will reach out to you shortly! (CTA BUTTON)

      How much insurance coverage do I need?

      Our Partnered Financial Advisors are well equipped to calculate and provide you a gauge as to how much insurance coverage you need against Death, Permanent Disability and Critical Illnesses in a whole life plan.

      Just enter a few details about yourself and one of our Partnered Financial Advisors will reach out to you shortly! (CTA Button: Get in Touch)

      Which insurance company has the best whole life plan?

      The ‘best’ whole life plan does not exist. What you should be looking for is a whole life insurance plan that is most suitable for you.

      At Interestguru.sg, we pride ourselves on finding out your needs, calculating your insurance coverage needed, and providing you with quotes from different insurance companies for you! Save the hassle, let us do the research on your behalf and provide you with a comparison across different insurers.

      All you need to do is to send us an enquiry, then sit back and relax. We will do the heavy lifting for you!

      Still Not Sure?

      Getting any life insurance is a major financial decision, not one to be rushed. Take the time to research your options and understand what kind of coverage makes the most sense for your situation.

      Get in touch with one of our Partnered Financial Advisors so they can get an understanding of your situation to best advise you at absolutely no charge to you. Just leave your contact details on the side and we will get back to you shortly! >

      For a limited time only, receive a complimentary will-writing service when you enquire about a whole life plan via the form on the right!

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