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Before committing to an insurance policy, it certainly pays to make an effort to compare. Why regret only years later, when you find out that you are not getting the best insurance policy available for the premium paid?

Even worse, to know you can compare insurance policies here, 100% free of charges by

The benefits when you compare insurance policies

At, we believe that you deserve the best for your Insurance Portfolio. We seek to compare insurance policies across all insurance companies in Singapore. By providing complete and unbiased information, you will be able to make a well-informed decision on your financial plans.

Remember: Your insurance needs are specific to you. We ensure that it fits your individual financial goals and objectives.

If you don’t want to sweat the details, just scroll to the end of the page and let us contact you accordingly.

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What type of insurance policies do we compare?

We are able to provide you customized advice to suit your financial needs for your Insurance Portfolio. The type of insurance policies we compare includes and may not be limited to the following:

Click on the individual section to know more on the product category.

How do we compare Insurance policies?

In Singapore, there are more than 12 major insurance companies offering a wide range of insurance policies. Depending on your insurance needs, we compare insurance policies for:

  • Sum Assured
  • Supplementary Riders Coverage
  • Supplementary Riders Multiplier Benefits
  • Surrender Value
  • Premium Term
  • Policy Term

Individual product specific features and benefits will also be taken into consideration when we compare insurance policies for you.

For in-depth details on how we compare insurance policies from the different product categories, refer below:

If you don’t fully understand how all of the above work, you are not making an informed decision on your financial plans. But don’t worry, that is what we are here for!

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What do we gain when we compare insurance policies for you?

At this point in time, all services to compare insurance policies are completely free of charge. Our focus is to receive your support by providing excellent financial services. You can help us by recommending and liking our Facebook page. Our licensed financial advisers may earn a remuneration for their time and services, should you take up a financial product with them.

In future, we may earn a fee from featuring in-depth products write-up from the insurance companies. Should a post be sponsored, the contents will clearly indicate the sponsoring party.

Our Service is Guaranteed

If our partnered licensed financial adviser/s are unable to propose a solution or compare insurance policies and/ or insurance plans to meet your financial needs, receive a *S$20 shopping voucher as a gesture of goodwill from us!

Too much information?

Don’t get overloaded with information. How about letting us compare and provide our recommendations, while you sit back to consider the proposal?

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Find the best insurance policies based on your financial needs

Our licensed financial adviser will draft their recommendations and proposals based on your given input. Your information and details will only be used for communication with you. All comparisons done are solely based on your individual needs.

We compare insurance quotations head to head with all leading insurers in Singapore

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