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Why Retirement Planning is important?

Retirement planning is about ensuring your financial needs is catered for when you are retired. The financial plans and goals for your retirement should be uniquely catered to fit your desired lifestyle.

Don’t leave retirement to chances, start planning for it. 

It is important to know that your lifestyle needs during retirement will be different from when you are younger. You may not need the newest gadgets, luxurious apparels or the best fine dining experience. Instead, other activities doing your free time may results in a higher cost than just basic living needs.

What does retirement planning cover?

During retirement, fixed financial commitment such as mortgages, loans and insurance premiums may decrease. However, other lifestyle expenses for overseas travelling, social gathering, and activities for a fulfilling lifestyle are likely to increase.

Not to mention, inflation would mean that the purchasing power of your savings is constantly being eroded. At the same, the occurrence and severity of healthcare and health-related issues be higher as well.

Proper retirement planning should ensure that you have the financial budget to enjoy a healthy and meaningful life, as much as possible.

Starting learning about retirement planning now!

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Or simply use our retirement income calculator or retirement plans comparison portal to find out how much you need to save for your desired retirement lifestyle.


Being late is better than never.

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