Get an Apple watch series 3 with ManulifeMove Promotion

ManulifeMove Earn-Your-Watch Programme (Valid to 31 July 2023)

ManulifeMove Earn-Your-Watch Programme

You can purchase an Apple Watch Series 3 and earn the cost of your watch back over a year by being active!

Achieve the weekly goal of closing all 3 Activity Rings on your Apple Watch at least 4 times from Monday to Sunday, and walking 10,000 steps daily on average that week.

You will earn $10 credit for every week that you achieve the weekly goal. Over a year, you can stand to earn up to
$520 to cover the cost of your Apple Watch.

Eligibility conditions

You will be eligible to participate in the EYW Programme if:

  • 1. you are the primary life assured of at least one Manulife policy (“Eligible Policy”) issued on or after 26 January 2023, which is either:
    • a. a regular premium policy with a minimum annual premium of SGD/USD 6,000; or
    • b. an Heirloom, or a Signature Series single premium policy;
  • 2. you were the primary life assured of the Eligible Policy when it first commenced;
  • 3. you are/were at least 18 years of age at the inception of the Eligible Policy;
  • 4. your mobile number was provided when the Eligible Policy was purchased (as part of the application process);
  • 5. you are using a mobile phone operating on the iOS platform; and
  • 6. the free-look period of the Eligible Policy has ended.

For more details on the EWY programme, refer to: ManulifeMove Promotion T&C


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