Say NO to high investment fees and charges

Unit Trust Funds Promotion (Initial Sales Charges/ Subscription Fees at only 1%, until 31 Dec 2023)

Limited Period Unit Trust Funds Promotional Sales Charges/ Subscription Fees at 1%

Drop us a message and let us arrange for a  MAS licensed and certified to speak to you. Completely free and no-obligation expected.

High subscription fees reduce your investment returns

High fees and charges are a primary concern when it comes to investing in Unit Trust Funds.  Most financial institutions charge upwards of 5% when it comes to Unit Trust Funds. Even licensed financial advisers are known to charge up to 4% for Unit Trust Funds Trades.

Even without any initial returns on your investment funds, a significant portion of your funds goes towards fees and charges.

That turns investors like you off. knows that, being investors ourselves.

How do high initial fees affect your investment returns?

As most of us are happy with just positive investment returns, we tend to forget about maximising the financial returns we can achieve.

Below is a breakdown of how Investments Fees and Recurring Charges impact your financial returns.

Assuming a S$50,000 initial investment with an annualised 8% growth over 5 years.

With 5% initial Investment Fees and 1% Yearly Wrap Charges

Investment amount after initial fees:  S$47,500

Total returns after 5 years: S$66,372.53   


With 5% Initial Investment Fees and No Yearly Wrap Charges

Investment amount after initial fees:  S$47,500

Total returns after 5 years: S$69,793.08


With 1% Initial Investment Fees*  and No Yearly Wrap Charges

Investment amount after initial fees:  S$49,500

Total returns after 5 years: S$72,731.74

*Valid until 31 Dec 2023

Effects of compounding returns over a longer time horizon will translate to even higher financial differences in value.

Another option offered is to purchase your Unit Trust Funds through a Single Premium Investment-Linked Policy. While there are no Initial Investment Fees, there will be a back-end loading of up to 5% on the investment amount you choose to withdraw.

We strongly feel that you may wish to stay clear of investing via a Single Premium Investment-Linked Policy if your primary and sole intention is to generate potential financial returns.

Cut down on fees, not on services

Some platforms may even charge 0.5% initial Investment Sales Charges. However, there will be a high yearly platform fee (up to 1%) charged on the investment value within the platform.  Should you choose to receive advice and updates from a MAS certified financial adviser, a yearly wrap fee of up to 2% on the investment value will be imposed. believe that fees and charges can be reduced to the benefits of the investors. As such, we have tied up with MAS certified financial advisers that committed to an initial Investment Sales Charge of only 1%. Having that said, the advisers we work with for this campaign are known to provide consistent updates on a regular basis to existing clients.

Unit Trust Fund Promotional Sales Charge at 1%

Let our MAS certified financial advisers speak for themselves. Be it be for understanding about your current investment holding, Unit Trust portfolio or even working out your future financial goals and objectives. There is no-obligation you have to take up any proposal they come up with.

Best of all, should you feel comfortable to work with them on Unit Trust Funds investment, they have committed to a 1% initial Sales charge during this period.

Drop us a message and we will assign an available adviser to speak to you.

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