1% sales charge on all Unit Trust Fund Investments

Limited Time tied up with Independent Financial Advisors

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For a limited time (Until 30th Jun 2023), our partnered licensed financial advisers have agreed on only charging a one-time sales charge of 1% for Unit Trust Funds investments.

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Save on fees, not on services

At the same time, they have also committed to a twice-yearly portfolio review on all wrap account with unlimited funds switching at only 0.5% yearly. No longer fear your advisers making you fork out sales charges everytime u invest in a unit trust funds.

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New to Investing?

If you are new to investing, check out our beginner’s guide on investing in Unit Trust Funds.

Stay informed before you invest

Investment requires a long-term commitment. Specific unit trust fund investment goals and objectives, investment benefits and payout (if any) will differ across unit trust funds.

Why regret only years later, when you find out that the investment products you took up are not suitable for you?

Use Compare NOW by InterestGuru.sg to know more about Unit Trust Funds.

Not sure if investing in Unit Trust Funds is right for you?

Let Interestguru.sg assign a partnered licensed financial advisers to understand your financial goals and objectives. All services and proposal are provided 100% free with no obligations.

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Note: Individual platform fees for Fundsupermart (Up to 0.4% annually) or Aviva Navigator (Up to 0.15%) applies and is charged by the respective platforms.

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