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Before committing to an insurance policy, it certainly pays to make an effort to compare. Why regret only years later, when you find out that you are not getting the best insurance policy available for the premium paid? Even worse, to know you can compare insurance policies here, 100% free.

We made comparing and getting the best insurance policy easy!

What type of insurance policies do we compare? is able to provide you customized advice to suit your financial needs for your Insurance Portfolio. The type of insurance policies we compare includes and may not be limited to the following:

Click on the individual section to know more about the individual product category.

How should you compare Insurance policies?

In Singapore, there are more than 12 major insurance companies offering a wide range of insurance policies. Depending on your insurance needs, we compare insurance policies for:

  • Sum Assured – The Base coverage offered by the insurance policy
  • Supplementary Riders Coverage – Additional insurance coverage offered via add-on riders
  • Supplementary Riders Multiplier Benefits – Multiplier of coverage, if applicable
  • Surrender Value – Guaranteed and Non – Guaranteed cash value upon termination of the insurance policy
  • Premium Term – Duration which you have to pay a payment for the policy
  • Policy Term – Duration of policy
  • Additional Features and Benefits – Unique selling points based on individual insurance companies

If you don’t fully understand how all of the above work, you are not making an informed decision on your financial plans.

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Read about: Understanding your insurance policies (Part 2 of 2)

Still have a question? Don’t worry, that is what we are here for!

Where can you get direct comparisons and instant quotes?

For in-depth policy details and direct comparison across insurance companies, click on the financial product category that you wish to know more about.

We compare quotations head to head on all leading insurers in Singapore

Face to face comparisons can also be done solely based on your individual needs. All financial reviews and proposals provided are 100% free of charge.

There will be no obligation to take up any proposed financial products or services in any way.

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