An introduction to Maternity Insurance Policies

All about Maternity Insurance Policies

What are Maternity Insurance Policies?

A Maternity insurance policy provides coverage for both the expecting mother and the newborn child. Maternity Insurance can be purchased as a stand-alone policy or bundled with an insurance policy for the newborn child, each other its own benefits and disadvantages.

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What are the alternatives?

If you have decided not to fork out an additional budget for a maternity insurance, consider a Whole Life or Investment Linked Insurance Policy instead. For newborns, both options allow high coverage for as low as S$100 a month while compounding returns in the long run:

Whole Life Insurance policy allows for a stable growth of funds which accumulates over time. As the child ages, the Whole Life insurance policy can be surrender for cash value in times or needs or retirement.

An Investment Linked Policy, on the other hand, may allow for higher capital appreciation due to its investment nature. Ensure that your financial adviser balances your Investment Linked Policy regularly for optimum growth.

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How can I contact for information on Maternity Insurance policies?

Use our InterestGuru Maternity Insurance quotation system to receive the most competitive quotes available.

Drop us a message should you require additional information and we will get back to you on your questions as soon as possible.


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