An introduction to Personal Accident Policies

What are Personal Accident Policies?

Personal Accident Policies cover financial hardship that may result due to the occurrence of an accident with a lump sum payout. All insurers in Singapore currently offers PA plans with differing sum assured based on yearly premium. As accident injuries may results from various causes with varying degree of damage, the insurer will provide a table of schedule stating the percentage of the sum assured that will be paid out.

Note: PA plan main coverage and payout are for injuries and personal damages due to an accident. For illness and personal health coverage, seek out more details on life insurance and term insurance respectively.

What benefits do Personal Accident policies offers?

As Premium for a basic plan can be as low as 50 cents a day, PA plans provide a relatively high amount of coverage for injuries due to an accident. Such plan does not usually take into consideration existing medical conditions, meaning an individual that is rejected or facing waiver from life and health insurance should still be able to get personal accident coverage. Some PA plan also covers acts of terrorism, rioting, and strikes making the plan truly providing coverage for unforeseen incidents.

Options for coverage subjected to insurers are also available ranging from infectious disease coverage, visits to TCM and daily cash benefits from being hospitalised.

What else should be considered when taking up a Personal Accident Policies?

One comprehensive PA plan is sufficient for an individual. Some insurer may even offer different levels of discount on the next year premium, based on the number years of non-claim on your PA plan.

Is a Personal Accident Plan enough for all my health and protection needs?

Just an Integrated Shield Plan alone will likely not cover all your health and protection need. Besides the concern of immediate medical attention, there will be an impact on your lifestyle and financials.

Other insurance policies such as Whole Life Policy or Investment Linked Policy are designed to address this issue. Such policies offer lifetime assurances by having a lump sum paid out when a major illness strikes. If everything goes well, the policy will continue to accumulate a lump sum of cash for withdrawal in the later stages of life.

This allows individuals to enjoy the effects of compounding returns over a long time horizon while paying a premium for a fixed number of years.

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Alternatively, a Term Insurance allows for a cheap boost to health and protection coverage at the cost of having no cash value. This means that if there are no claims made while the policy is valid, the premium paid is not recoverable. The premium for Term Insurance is paid on a yearly and may not be practical due to increasing cost at an older age.

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Where can I find out more about the benefits and coverage of Personal Accident Policies?

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