Prudential PRUFirst Promise Review

The complete Pros and Cons on Prudential PRUFirst Promise

Prudential PRUFirst Promise is a maternity insurance plan comprising of PRUMom and PRUActive Life that covers mummy and baby against complications that may arise from pregnancy to childbirth.

Prudential PRUFirst Promise subsequently become PRUActive Life, a whole life plan for your child to cover him/her against Death, Total and Permanent Disability, Terminal lllness, and Critical Illness

Prudential PRUFirst Promise product details

  • Life policy – Whole Life Policy
  • Mummy can buy this policy upon reaching 13th week of pregnancy
  • Upon birth and transferring to baby, PRUActive Life becomes a whole life policy
  • Upon reaching the 4th policy year, PRUMom coverage will end

Benefits for mummy:

  • PRUActive Life Insurance Coverage (transferred to baby upon birth)
    • Receive protection against Death and Critical Illness
PRUMom coverage:
  • Pregnancy Complications
    • Receive protection for 13 pregnancy complications
  • Mental Wellness Care
    • Receive coverage of costs from Psychological Consultations and Postpartum Depression diagnosis
  • Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)
    • You and your baby receive coverage up to 10% of Sum Assured against GDM and the complications that comes with it
  • Hospital Care Benefit
    • Receive 1% of Sum Assured per day of hospitalisation up to 50 days for 9 conditions such as Lactation Mastitis
    • Receive Accelerator Benefit payout upon hospitalisation or ICU stay

Benefits for baby:

  • PRUActive Life Insurance Coverage (transferred from mummy upon birth)
    • Baby will be protected against Death, Total and Permanent Disability, Terminal Illness, and Critical Illness
    • Option to receive coverage against Early Critical Illness
PRUMom coverage:
  • Congenital Illnesses
    • Receive coverage against 25 Congenital Illnesses such as Down’s Syndrome
  • Hospital Care Benefit
    • Receive 1% of Sum Assured per day of hospitalisation up to 50 days for 8 conditions such as Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease


For further information and details, refer to Prudential website. Alternatively, fill-up the form below and let us advise accordingly.

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