JPMorgan Global Income Fund

Complete details of JPMorgan Asset Management Global Income Fund

JPMorgan Asset Management – JPMorgan Global Income Fund Review

Fund objective

JPMorgan Global Income Fund aims to provide regular income by investing primarily in a portfolio of income generating securities, globally, and through the use of financial derivative instruments.

Investment Strategy

JPMorgan Global Income Fund will primarily invest in debt securities, equity securities and REITs. Issuers of these securities may be located in any country, including emerging markets. The Sub-Fund may also invest in other assets including, but not limited to, convertible securities and forward currency exchange contracts. The Sub-Fund may invest in below investment grade and unrated debt securities.

JPMorgan Global Income Fund may invest in financial derivative instruments to achieve its investment objective. Such instruments may also be used for the purposes of hedging. These instruments may include, but are not limited to, futures, options, contracts for difference, forward contracts on financial instruments and options on such contracts, credit linked instruments, mortgage TBAs and swap contracts by private agreement and other fixed income, currency and credit derivatives.

Periodic dividends, to be made available at the sole discretion of the Management Company, are intended to be paid in respect of the share classes, A (div) – SGD, A (div) – SGD (hedged), A (mth) – SGD (hedged), A (div) – EUR, A (div) – USD (hedged), A (mth) – USD (hedged), A (irc) – AUD (hedged), A(mth) – EUR and A (mth) – GBP (hedged) of the Sub-Fund.

Who is JPMorgan Global Income Fund suitable for?

JPMorgan Global Income Fund is only suitable for investors who:

  • seek a source of income through exposure to a range of asset classes
  • seek a long-term investment

Dividend or Income payout frequency: Monthly, Accumulating

For additional assessments on product suitability, please obtain professional advice from a qualified Financial Adviser.

What are the key risks of JPMorgan Global Income Fund?

The value of JPMorgan Global Income Fund and its dividends and coupons (if any) may rise or fall. You may lose some or all of your investment depending on the performance of the underlying securities. Factors that may affect the performance of these securities include, without limitation, market risks, fluctuations in interest rates and foreign exchange rates, political instability, exchange controls, changes in taxation and foreign investment policies.

Some of the key risks associated with JPMorgan Global Income Fund are described below:

Market and Credit Risks

  • You are exposed to market risk
  • You are exposed to bond default and interest rate risks
  • You are exposed to currency risk

Liquidity Risks

  • You are exposed to liquidity risk

Product-Specific Risks

  • You are exposed to derivative risk

Investment Fees and Charges

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