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AXA Basic Care Review

The complete Pros and Cons on AXA Basic Care

AXA Basic Care product details

  • Non-participating policy – Integrated Shield Plan Rider
  • An add-on to your AXA Shield plan
  • Offers complete coverage from the first dollar up by taking care of the Deductible and Co-insurance portions of your hospital bill

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Features of AXA Basic Care at a glance

Based on the option with the highest coverage, AXA Basic Care Plan A

Inpatient hospital treatment

  • Emergency overseas treatment: As charged, limited to costs of Singapore private hospitals
  • Planned overseas treatment: N.A.
  • Pre-hospitalisation treatment: Up to 180 days
  • Post-hospitalisation treatment: Up to 365 days

Outpatient hospital treatment

  • Chemotherapy for cancer: As charged
  • Immunotherapy for cancer: As charged
  • Renal dialysis: As charged
  • Post-hospitalisation follow-up TCM treatment: N.A.

Unique Benefits

  • N.A.

*IMPORTANT* AXA Basic Care is an add-on to AXA Shield (Integrated Shield Plan). The rider cannot be purchased without the basic Integrated Shield Plan.

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AXA Basic Care may be suitable if you are looking for

AXA Basic Care may potentially be a good fit if the following matters to you:

  • Hospitalisation and medical insurance coverage
  • Integrated Shield Plan or Integrated Shield Plan riders
  • Reducing hospitalisation and medical expenses
  • Paying premium using MediSave Funds
  • Daily hospitalisation income with an Integrated Shield Plan rider

AXA Basic Care may not be suitable if you are looking for

AXA Basic Care may potentially be a bad fit if the following matters to you:

  • Surrender value, Integrated Shield Plan and/or Integrated Shield Plan riders have no cash value

What is the annual premium for AXA Integrated Shield Plan and rider based on my age?

Refer to the drop down below for premium table for AXA Shield Plan A and AXA Basic Care Rider.

The table below shows the annual premiums for AXA Shield Plan A and AXA Basic Care Rider.

This allows 100% claims for the first dollar up, for hospitalisation and medical treatment in private hospital.

AgeAXA Shield Plan A
(Actual Premium/ Nett premium payable after using MediSAVE)
AXA Basic Care Rider
(Premium for rider must be fully paid by cash)
1S$148/ S$0S$264
2S$148/ S$0S$264
3S$148/ S$0S$264
4S$148/ S$0S$264
5S$148/ S$0S$264
6S$148/ S$0S$264
7S$148/ S$0S$264
8S$148/ S$0S$264
9S$148/ S$0S$264
10S$148/ S$0S$264
11S$148/ S$0S$264
12S$148/ S$0S$264
13S$148/ S$0S$264
14S$148/ S$0S$264
15S$148/ S$0S$264
16S$148/ S$0S$264
17S$148/ S$0S$264
18S$148/ S$0S$264
19S$148/ S$0S$309
20S$148/ S$0S$309
21S$173/ S$0S$322
22S$173/ S$0S$322
23S$173/ S$0S$322
24S$173/ S$0S$322
25S$173/ S$0S$322
26S$173/ S$0S$322
27S$173/ S$0S$322
28S$173/ S$0S$322
29S$173/ S$0S$322
30S$173/ S$0S$322
31S$283/ S$0S$322
32S$283/ S$0S$322
33S$283/ S$0S$322
34S$283/ S$0S$322
35S$283/ S$0S$322
36S$283/ S$0S$322
37S$283/ S$0S$322
38S$283/ S$0S$322
39S$283/ S$0S$322
40S$283/ S$0S$322
41S$484/ S$0S$327
42S$484/ S$0S$327
43S$484/ S$0S$327
44S$484/ S$0S$327
45S$484/ S$0S$327
46S$603/ S$0S$374
47S$603/ S$0S$374
48S$603/ S$0S$374
49S$603/ S$0S$374
50S$603/ S$0S$374
51S$818/ S$218S$412
52S$818/ S$218S$412
53S$818/ S$218S$412
54S$818/ S$218S$412
55S$818/ S$218S$412
56S$998/ S$398S$570
57S$998/ S$398S$570
58S$998/ S$398S$570
59S$998/ S$398S$570
60S$998/ S$398S$570
61S$1,313/ S$713S$859
62S$1,313/ S$713S$859
63S$1,313/ S$713S$859
64S$1,313/ S$713S$859
65S$1,313/ S$713S$859
66S$1,885/ S$1,285S$1,275
67S$1,885/ S$1,285S$1,275
68S$1,885/ S$1,285S$1,275
69S$1,885/ S$1,285S$1,275
70S$1,885/ S$1,285S$1,275
71S$2,452/ S$1,552S$1,547
72S$2,452/ S$1,552S$1,547
73S$2,452/ S$1,552S$1,547
74S$2,915/ S$2,015S$1,600
75S$2,915/ S$2,015S$1,600
New application or switching of Integrated Shield Plan/ rider is not allowed after age 75.
76S$3,488/ S$2,588S$1,651
77S$3,488/ S$2,588S$1,651
78S$3,488/ S$2,588S$1,651
79S$3,906/ S$3,006S$1,691
80S$3,906/ S$3,006S$1,691
81S$4,377/ S$3,447S$1,894
82S$4,377/ S$3,447S$1,894
83S$4,377/ S$3,447S$1,894
84S$4,899/ S$3,999S$2,125
85S$4,899/ S$3,999S$2,125
86S$5,489/ S$4,589S$2,248
87S$5,489/ S$4,589S$2,248
88S$5,489/ S$4,589S$2,248
89S$6148/ S$5,248S$2,474
90S$6148/ S$5,248S$2,474
91S$7,483/ S$6,583S$2,705
92S$7,483/ S$6,583S$2,705
93S$7,483/ S$6,583S$2,705
94S$7,942/ S$7,042S$2,889
95S$7,942/ S$7,042S$2,889
96S$8,807/ S$7,907S$2,997
97S$8,807/ S$7,907S$2,997
98S$8,807/ S$7,907S$2,997
99S$9,865/ S$8,965S$3,065
100S$9,865/ S$8,965S$3,065

AXA Shield Plan A and AXA Basic Care Rider annual premium table

Refer to our FAQs On Integrated Shield Plan And Riders for everything you need to know about upgrading your MediShield hospitalisation and medical treatment coverages.

Further considerations on AXA Basic Care

  • How much will AXA or AXA Basic Care premium increase as I age?
  • How does AXA Basic Care compare with Integrated Shield Plan and/ or Integrated Shield Plan riders from other insurance companies?
  • Can AXA Basic Care fulfil my financial insurance, health and protection needs?

The above information may not fully highlight all the product details and features on AXA Basic Care. Talk to us or seek advice from a financial adviser before making any decision about AXA Basic Care.

Compare across all Integrated Shield Plans and riders!

Compare before you commit so you don’t have to regret later on. Depending on your medical and hospitalisation needs, the premium payable differs across insurers. Why pay more for what you do not need or short-charge on features and benefits by paying a little more?

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Is AXA Basic Care suitable for me?

Contact InterestGuru using the form below. Our panel of licensed financial advisers will advise accordingly, based on your financial profile and protection needs.

All financial reviews and proposals provided are 100% free of charge. There will be no obligation to take up any proposed financial products or services in any way.

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    Before you go...
    AXA Basic Care may be a good fit towards your current financial goals. However, there could be way more plans out there with features and/ or benefits that could be more relevant to you at a lower cost.
    Drop us a message and find out about customised options across multiple insurance companies. You deserve to get the best out of your hard-earned savings!

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