Stay informed before you invest

Investment requires a long-term commitment. Specific unit trust fund investment goals and objectives, investment benefits and payout (if any) will differ across unit trust funds.

Why regret only years later, when you find out that the investment products you took up are not suitable for you?

How do we find the most suitable Unit Trust Funds for you? works with a team of partnered MAS licensed Independent Financial Advisors which will fully understand your financial goals and objective. There is no obligation to take up any product or services from the partnered Independent Financial Advisors

Any proposal or advice given is 100% free.

The Financial advisors will work their proposal with you based on:

  • Investment Time Horizon (Expected time to realise your investment returns)
  • Investment Risk Appetite (Amount of investment risk you can take, based on your profiling)
  • Investment Product Risk (Amount of investment risk of the selected unit trust fund)
  • Existing Portfolio Allocation (How the proposed unit trust funds fit into your current insurance or investment portfolio)
  • Investment Objectives (Regular income payout, long-term capital growth or a balance of the two)
  • Customised investment Objectives (Your overall personal investment goals and objectives)

Don’t fully understand the above? That is why we are here!

Take action on your investment goals now

Simply provide us details on what you look forward to in your investment portfolio and let assign a licensed Independent Financial Advisor to work with you.

Any proposal or advice given is 100% free. The is no obligation to take up any product or services from any partnered Independent Financial Advisors.

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